Pediatrics and Newborn Care

Routine well child exams and immunizations are another very important aspect of child care. We follow a schedule which allows us to provide the CDC recommended childhood vaccinations and give teaching and advice related to normal growth and development. Repeated exams and tracking weight, height and development gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your child and allows for early diagnosis and treatment if needed.

Nothing is really quite as stressful as a sick child. At Moscow Medical, our providers are trained to help you through the process of deciding whether the child is suffering from an ear infection or pneumonia or whether they have a viral syndrome. We can help you with these choices by our training and our experience both as providers and as parents ourselves. We leave spaces in our schedule each day so that we can accommodate those last minute needs of a sick child.

Adolescent Care

This is a complex and passionate time in an individual’s life. Needs and wants during this period are not necessarily met by the pediatricians, psychiatrists or the internists, however Family Medicine includes training for this special time of life.


We diagnose and treat many skin problems including biopsies, cryotherapy and hyfrecation. We also facilitate referrals to dermatologists if it is required.

DOT Physicals

We provide DOT services by appointment.  Dr. Paz is a Certified Medical Examiner for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Minor Emergency Care

Bumps, breaks, bruises and cuts can be managed as they occur. Give us a call if you get the chance, otherwise walk right in and we will be right with you.

Women’s Health Care

Moscow Medical is pleased to offer additional expertise and services to their female patients. Our providers have extensive experience with health concerns specific to women including: Pelvic pain – (ovarian cysts, endometriosis), Heavy and/or unpredictable periods – (polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalances), Premenstrual syndrome, Preventative health education-(nutrition, exercise, vitamins), Annual health exams and cancer screening- (breast, ovarian, and cervical), Menopause – (non-hormonal and hormonal options including bioidenticals), Family planning, Human papilloma virus- (evaluation and treatment, including colposcopy), Sexually transmitted disease education, testing, and treatment, Vaginal infections.

During your appointment we will focus on your specific needs and questions. Ensuring your comfort during an exam will be a priority. You should expect to understand your options and receive a personalized, comprehensive plan for evaluation and treatment of any problems.

Should the need arise for evaluation by a specialist, we can help facilitate consultation.

Adult Medicine & Geriatrics

This area makes up the largest portion of our service. We are broadly trained and have experience in all areas of adult medicine and geriatrics. We can help with diagnosis, treatment and referral to specialist in all areas of human disease.

Laboratory & EKG

Lab tests routinely provided by Moscow Medical include pregnancy tests, routine blood work, hem-occults, complete blood cell counts, mononucleosis, strep testing, pro-time, and urinalysis.
We use Lab Corp, the largest provider of lab services in the country. We receive lab results twice a day through our on-site computer link from Lab Corp. Also the full spectrum of services provided by Gritman Medical can be immediately obtained through our office for urgent results.

Other tests provided by Moscow Medical include colposcopies, EKG’s, audiometry, and vision screening.

Student Health

To accommodate changes in your schedule such as class cancellations, providers at Moscow Medical make same-day appointments available. We are familiar with paperwork concerning on-campus temporary disability permits, medical withdrawals, and with arranging follow-up with on-campus services like the Counseling and Testing Center. With plenty of parking, flexible scheduling, and familiarity with student concerns, Moscow Medical’s goal is to provide you with convenient and excellent care so you can get back to class quickly. Please consult your Student Health Insurance brochure for details or feel free to call if you have questions.