Sleep Medicine

During the intitial sleep exam, Dr. Grauke will evaluate detailed information based on your sleep problems and any other health issues related to your condition. An overnight polysomnogram or other sleep studies may be required to further determine if any sleep abnormalities are present. He will then develop a treatment plan to resolve your sleep complaints. Seeing the results of restoring a person to refreshing sleep has a continuing impact on Dr. Grauke’s passion for sleep medicine.

To make an appointment for a sleep consultation call (208) 882-7565.


Dr. Grauke is available for sleep consultations at his office at Moscow Medical. He is the medical director for Gritman Hospital Medical Center Sleep Disorder Center.

Most people with sleep disorders don’t even know they have one. They are tired all day, fall asleep in their chairs or movies or they snore heavily. The idea that there is healthy sleep and unhealthy sleep has been slowly making its way into mainstream America since 1980. Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing while asleep and restless leg syndrome is characterized by an urge to move one’s body, most commonly the legs, to stop uncomfortable sensations like burning, itching or tickling in the muscles. Insomnia is also a common sleep disorder and all three of these conditions as well as 85 others can have serious health consequences and can be helped by having an evaluation with Dr. Grauke.